Freddie Mercury

September 5, 1946 -- November 24, 1991

Freddie was born "Farookh Bulsara" in Zanzibar off the coast of Tanaznia. He got the nickname Freddie while he was in school, and later changed his last name to Mercury (after the messenger of the gods) when Queen was getting started. When Freddie was eight, he was sent to St. Peter's boarding school, near Bombay. It was during his time there that the headmaster of the school realized that Freddie had musical talent and suggested piano lessons to his parents. He was also involved in the school theater and choir. It was at this school that Freddie formed his first band, the Hectics.

In 1964 Freddie's family moved to England due to political unrest in their country, and in 1966, he enrolled in Ealing College of Art to study graphic illustration. While at that school, he met fellow student Tim Staffell who introduced him to his band Smile. Watching Smile made Freddie realize that he really wanted to be in a band himself, so after he finished his diploma in graphic art and design, he joined a band called Ibex, taking over lead vocals from their guitarist.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What was the exact date of Freddie's death? How long did he know he had AIDS?

Freddie died November 24th, 1991 (approximately 7:00pm London time). Only the day before had he announced to the world that he was ill with AIDS. Only Mary Austin and Jim Hutton knows exactly how long Freddie had the AIDS virus since he didn't tell anyone, even the band, for a long time. Freddie in his own words had been "living like a nun" since 1985, when he was in a close relationship with Jim Hutton.

How tall was Freddie?

5' 9" (175.2 cm)

Where is Freddie's house? Can I see it while I'm in London?

Freddie's house is at "Garden Lodge",1 Logan Place in Kensington, London. There is a wall around the property, and it is now the home of Mary Austin, so you can only see the outside of the property. Yes, the wall with all the graffiti that is seen in the Champions of the World video is Freddie's house.

Where is Freddie buried?

Freddie was creamated, rather than buried, and there is no gravesite to visit. It is most likely that his parents have his ashes. But it was rumored on a recent BBC production on fame that his aashes are at Garden lodge, and perhaps buried in the garden.


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